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What would Jesus do?


A friend here in Hamilton just made me aware of a Facebook message from Theresa Manzella dated September 17th, and I’d like to make a quick response:

You’re absolutely right, “freedom is not free,” and that is why the citizens of any country pay taxes — to ensure the basic freedoms that make it possible for an individual to pursue his or her greatest fulfillment and happiness.

Among the most basic freedoms are surely freedom from hunger, freedom from worry that your child’s broken leg will cost you your house and everything else, freedom to learn about the amazing world we live in. Jesus himself freely fed the 5000, after all, and healed the sick unconditionally, and in no way encouraged devotion to anything but love and generosity.

There will always be people who take advantage of any system, but all of us, without exception, are subject to circumstances beyond our control, and that’s where a government can provide a safety net. For all of us. When we need it. Without exception. On that basis we will all be able to support those services in the form of taxes, and future generations need not be afraid of debt, either private or public.

Mary Fahnestock-Thomas


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