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Haslip shallow but entertaining


Once again we are entertained by Jerry Haslip’s railing and wailing about something he finds not agreeable to his conservative views. He talks about fair minded people while he appears to be a victim of close mindedness.

He brings to attention Obama’s 42% approval rating while ignoring Republican congressional approval rating of somewhere around 28%, perhaps the worst ever. In typical conservative fashion he ignores the fact that the Republicans could have chosen to work with the Democrats in creating a health care plan that would work for everyone, but instead chose a plan of obstructionism and wasted time and effort in their singled minded agenda of defeating Obama.

I, for one, find Jerry Haslip’s frequent diatribes somewhat shallow as all he does is criticize while never offering an alternative idea. To borrow a quote from someone else I would have to add Jerry Haslip to the list of “nattering nabobs of negativity.”

Jerry E. Shaw


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