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Another kooky idea

Well, County Commissioner Foss has done it again. Now she wants the Federal lands to be under State and local control. Obviously, as usual, Commissioner Foss has no idea what this would entail or the devastating outcome.
The State and counties would need large organizations and a large budget to manage the Federal lands. The State/counties could not afford to do this. Each county would want to manage Federal lands differently. In Ravalli County, if the past track record were any indication, this would mean large, unwanted subdivisions.
One of Montana’s true treasures is our Federal lands. We all use and/or enjoy them. We do not even have to ask the Commissioners’ permission to use them. It seems that every few years we have a group of kooks organize to try to grab our Federal lands which, by the way, belong to all U.S. citizens.

I certainly hope the Ravalli County Commissioners are smart enough not to condone or, worse yet, fund this ridiculous proposal.
Bill Lyon

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