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Can’t ignore the big lies


A person is “fair minded” if they allow friends to tell little lies and still be friends. However, should they be “fair minded” when a president very likely knows better, yet still tells big whoppers?
Cases and points are:
1. Obamacare will save you and the government money,
2. You can keep your health care insurance plan and your doctor- period,
3. If your insurer has dropped your coverage, you can buy a better plan at an affordable cost through the affordable health care act,
4. The Benghazi raid was the result of a demonstration,
5. I draw a red line at the use of chemical weapons,
6. I first learned about “Fast and Furious” and the IRS targeting conservative groups when I heard about them in the media, etc., and
7. We are going to determine why this happened and hold responsible parties accountable.
It’s no wonder that Obama’s approval rating has now dropped to 42%! When the 42% un-thinkers wake up and start thinking, more liberals will abandon ship!
I might add a quote from someone else – “What difference does it make now?”
Jerry Haslip


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