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Forest in jeopardy


Don’t be fooled. The Rangers and Supervisors in the USFS northern region are serving their corporate masters at the expense of the public.

For example, Clearwater National Forest (north Idaho) supervisor Rick Brazell started work on an EIS in 2006 that would trade away national forest land to Western Pacific Timber LLC (WPT) for clearcut private land. Despite its name, WPT is really a real estate corporation.

Brazell’s 2011 supplemental draft EIS has a single action alternative which will trade 70.4 square miles of national forest land in Idaho County Idaho to WPT which is owned by the infamous billionaire Tim Blixeth.

If Supervisor Brazell signs the Decision to proceed, WPT will begin subdividing our land into ranchettes. When we go to camp, fish or hunt with our family at our favorite spot we’ll be turned away by “No Trespassing” signs.

The vast majority of north Idaho residents who know about the trade oppose it.

Hundreds have written to northern Regional Forester Krueger asking her to stop this tragic proposal. She refuses to even respond to us.

Is Montana next? Please ask Regional Forester Krueger not to privatize the national forest important to you.

Future generations will thank you.

Dick Artley (USFS retired)

Grangeville, Idaho

One Response to Forest in jeopardy
  1. David Bentley
    November 15, 2013 | 6:16 am

    Thank You Dick. Don’t forget the Idaho County Commissioners supporting Mr. Brazell’s decision FOR the trade, stating that it would bring needed dollars to Idaho County Schools. In reality this trade would create more large clearcuts, like the lands being traded for, mini-ranch’s, and possible private obligations between WPT to the Id. Co. Commissioners. It just plainly is NOT A GOOD PROPOSAL!!!

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