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Support for Stevi mayor


Mayor Gene Mim Mack has provided exemplary leadership to our Town and Town Government during his tenure. In the 24 months he has been in office many improvements have been made to the process by which the Town does business. The Town Council and public have benefited by these improvements that have enabled us to make better, more informed decisions. We now have a complete packet of the information to be discussed in advance of the Council meetings. That same information is projected on a screen for the public to view at the meeting. The meetings are run in an efficient manner that allows both public and Council input. Council members treat each other with respect and discussions remain civil. We may not always agree with each other, but the Mayor ensures we each have our time to speak on any of the issues.

Through the Mayor’s leadership and initiative our Council was presented a preliminary balanced budget to consider this year. The Mayor and the Treasurer had worked with the department heads prior to Council review and had worked out the funding necessary to run their respective departments. This helped the process greatly in enabling the Council to work on difficult issues of finance, such as fund balances, salary adjustments and a Capital Improvement Plan. This also eliminated the tensions that can be created by departments competing with each other for funding.

The Mayor has led us through the difficult task of implementing the water and sewer rate increases. Even though these rates were set by the previous administration the Mayor faced the challenge head-on. He scheduled numerous meetings to explain these rate increases. He provided numerous occasions for public input and has worked diligently on ways to soften the impact. As the Mayor has reminded us, these rates were calculated and deemed necessary to pay for the improvements we needed.

The Mayor is deeply invested in and committed to Stevensville. He works tirelessly for our Town. He has spent a great deal of time educating himself on Town Government and fair governing. He spends many hours overseeing the Town’s business and projects. He speaks often and effectively on behalf of our Town and has improved many of our partnerships with local and state agencies.

I would ask that you look closely at the improvements Stevensville has made during Gene’s tenure and vote Gene Mim Mack for Mayor.

Bill Perrin

Ward 2 Council Representative

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