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Republicans deserve blame


Make NO mistake about it. The same people who wave our Constitution in your face every chance they get are now wiping their feet (or something else) with it. This isn’t about Obamacare, government funding, entitlements, the deficit or the debt limit. This is about our democracy. Are you ready to give in to hostage demands from a small minority of legislators? I’m not!

80 members of our House of Representatives are demanding the right to dictate national legislative policy; that the House conform to their ideology; that our Senate bow to their ideology; that Barack Obama disavow Affordable Care, Barack Obama who was elected with his ACA over Mitt Romney who invented it but opposed it when he ran for President.

These 80 members are 18% of our House.

These 80 members are 33% of Republicans in our House.

These 80 members were elected with 12% of total votes electing Representatives.

These 80 members represent 18% of our population.

These 80 members represent districts that have become less diverse.

These 80 member represent districts that are 75% white to the average district that is 63% white.

If we were to be forced back in time to the century these few wish we were living in, they would all be hung for treason.

It’s time to stand up to them now and, especially, in the 2014 elections.

Mark Van Loon


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