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Praise for Stevi mayor


A wise old woman once told me, “Sólo un tonto va en busca de una tormenta en el sol.” Translation? Only a fool goes looking for a rainstorm in sunshine. On the other hand, perception is everything, but it’s not always the reality. Nevertheless, without context, words can lose their meaning, ‘por lo toanto’ (therefore), and altruistically, I’d like to share my narrative with all of you who are reading this, i.e., my inquisitive and adventurous nature into the abyss.

Coming from New York, actually Brooklyn, NY, I was accustomed to getting things done in a relatively quick fashion when it came to filing a complaint with the local authorities downtown, or the local precinct. And, maybe that was so, because economic strife wasn’t so much of an issue back then, back in the day, as it might appear to be now. Nonetheless, ‘movimiento de efectivo’ (cash flow) was the narrative back then. That is, city, county and federal funding, unequivocally, was not the lack there of. In fact, federal funding was plentiful. But, culturally and structurally speaking, maybe smaller towns like Stevi, and the like there of, are not so fortunate to be able to dip into the coffers of government spending and having such resources at their disposal as larger metropolitan areas and cities do, like Brooklyn and many others. Anyway, when sporadically encountering, on a number of occasions, suspicious activities within the parameters of my neighborhood here in Stevi – activities I wish not to bring to light right now only because my insight is purely subjective, and therefore, lacks any concrete, tangible, and/or, empirical evidence that would not only substantiate my claim, and/or, any wrong doing(s), but equally important, would justify the measures deemed necessary to apprehend the rogue sociopaths in question – I enrolled the help of the local downtown authorities including the mayor himself, Gene Mim Mack. But, before I expound on this narrative, and for the record, let me be clear on what a sociopath is as defined by the world of Social Psychology. From the perspective of a Social Psychologist, a sociopath is a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility, and/or, social conscience.

So, back to my narrative… And, before I put on bow on all of this, keep in mind that these allegations that I’m propagating, and/or disseminating, are actually quite criminally serious. Nevertheless, after presenting my case to the local downtown authorities on many occasions, Stevi’s foot soldiers, it seemed to go nowhere.  I then proceeded to make my case known to the mayor himself, Mayor Gene Mim Mack. And, after several correspondences with the mayor, and one to Stevi’s city attorney, Brian West, is when ‘heads started rolling’ for lack of a better term. Now, after days, weeks, and months, there seems to be a strong concerted effort amongst the mayor and his team to bring these rogue sociopaths to justice. Ten un buen dia, señor Mayor!

I think it was T.S. Elliot who said: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Lorenzo Semeraro, M.Sc-Social Psychology


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