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In support of the Mayor


As a resident of Stevensville I would like to express my support for our Mayor Gene Mim Mack for the dedication he has shown in putting Stevensville Town government on a positive track .

This dedication is displayed by all the town employees and I feel the team effort has really helped to move the town governing responsibility forward.

With the support of our community I believe the ongoing upgrade to the town’s water and sewer systems will be completed in as timely and equitably a manner as possible. Remember, we all want cleaner air and water. I understand the process for these mandates comes not from City Hall but rather the State and Federal Government. Meeting these required upgrades has been very challenging given the collapse of the economy and possibly a little bit of putting off dealing with it from past administrations.

Let’s give the Mayor the support needed to complete this mission by voting Oct. 16th through Nov. 5th to select Mayor Mim Mack for another term.

John Anderson


One Response to In support of the Mayor
  1. Mike in Stevensville
    October 13, 2013 | 8:48 pm

    On a positive track?! Please correct me, anyone, if I’m wrong here, but isn’t Stevi quite in the red financially? And isn’t the budget STILL not done and submitted? Again, please correct me if I’m wrong, anyone. Didn’t Mack (and most of the council, whom have referred to themselves a “regime”) try to ram an un Constitutional town ordinance into the books? I have seen and heard personally at the council meetings he threatens to stifle Citizens’ 1st Amendment Rights. Isn’t he (and his wife) and other members of the council also on the Main St Association., and shove taxpayer money from the town into that ‘volunteer Association.’? If so, no wonder townspeople have high water bills! If that’s not a conflict of interest (along with illegal), I don’t know what is. Didn’t Mack also propose “volunteer work” by council members get paid for that?! And where is Mack’s REAL legal address, anyway? In or out of town? In Montana, or is he STILL a legal resident of ALASKA?! I support his opponent 100%, and I urge every one reading this letter to support his opponent as well. This town is no better off than when he took over.

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