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Fairness true sign of leadership


The letter from Mark and Victoria Adams illustrates some common misunderstandings about the role of the Mayor as the administrative leader for the Town.

Their case was handled by the Planning and Zoning Official. (This was not me). His role was to make an official interpretation of the Development Code as it relates to any proposed development or use. Once a determination is made, if the applicant disagrees they have the right of appeal to the Board of Adjustment. My role then is to make sure that the rights of all parties involved follow the policy and procedure as set out in the Code.

A hearing was held and Mark and Victoria were successful in their appeal, and I believe have established a wonderful daycare center at the new location.

Leadership is shown by making sure that the process of government is fairly applied to all. Whether people agree or disagree, issues are resolved by following the steps laid out in the Code.

Questioning a person’s character as a result of one vote quite frankly is absurd. Character is revealed over a lifetime of action. Elected officials are asked to make decisions that can be viewed by some as wrong. That goes with the territory. We deserve the respect not to have our character demeaned as a result of a vote. I believe the residents of Stevensville asked us to leave this kind of rhetoric out of the decision making process.

Gene Mim Mack, Mayor


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