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Character revealed


We believe a person’s character is revealed through actions, not words. We believe a “proven leader” works for the good of the people, not for his own agenda.

My family had the unfortunate opportunity to witness firsthand the character of Stevensville’s current Mayor in action.

We have owned and operated a small licensed day care in our home for eight years in Stevensville. We lost Mark’s dad in July of 2012 and decided to move our day care into my husband’s childhood home. After contacting the State of Montana Licensing, we were told it was well within state law to have our day care in a residential home that we did not live in. The law states, any licensed Family Day Care is considered residential use for the purposes of zoning.

Upon this approval we proceeded to contact Stevensville Town, and per telephone conversation we were given the go ahead. Some weeks later we again called Town Hall to inquire about installing a circle driveway, at that point we were told no to the driveway and furthermore, no to the day care at the new location! Thus began our unfortunate acquaintance with Mayor Gene Mim Mack.

Long story short, four long months later, the Stevensville Board of Adjustment (made up of the four town council members and the mayor) held a public hearing to decide the matter. The Town Attorney advised the Mayor we were within state law to have our day care in a residential home we did not live in and all four Council members agreed. Mr. Mim Mack spoke a loud and proud NAY vote.

Does a leader go against his own Town Attorney’s advice? Does a leader stubbornly hold to his own single minded agenda when he is clearly in the wrong?

Character is revealed through action.

Mark and Victoria Adams


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