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Keele has gone over the brink


I don’t know about how Gene Williams might react to all of those silly recent claims by Van P. Keele in the Bitterroot Star, but here is my reaction.
It is obvious that someone tipped Van P. over the brink. He lost his “cool” and it obviously shows! His normal lengthy, bloviating, rambling style is mostly missing. For once, he was relatively brief, but obviously distraught! Enough of that, let’s examine his points as follows:
1. We are “grumpy old outliers with extremist views.” If we are grumpy, it is because of silly accusations. We have learned from experience and know that we and/or our government can’t continue to spend money we don’t have – or we will go “belly-up” sooner or later. That is a reality!
2. We are not outliers with extremist views when reality supports our position! Keele, it is time for you to wake up and face reality!
3. We have not lost our credibility among valley citizens! Most people are intelligent enough to know that the majority of Ravalli County citizens are not liberals like Keele and his ilk!
4. Wrong again Keele, we do read your letters, and unfortunately for you, we do understand what you write. But just because you bloviate doesn’t mean that we agree with you! Funny that you should mention opinion, hearsay, and outright lies – all of those describe your written detail. You are right on point when you say readers deserve better!
5. Both global warming and cooling happen not because of what you espouse, but because of many, many very significant factors. Unfortunately for you though, logically and rationally thinking people realize that man’s influence is not one of those many, many very significant factors! Better luck next time Van P. It is time for you to admit that your “fact” about 97% of scientists is plain phony and taken out of context. Similarly, what makes you think that our military people are such great weather prognosticators – give me a break! Further, I can challenge anyone’s opinion without disrespecting them – stop jumping to conclusions!
6. How dare you consider challenging my integrity and reputation? I guess liberals just resort to challenging a disbeliever’s integrity when all else fails. There is little reason for me to even consider replying to such a lowly challenge on your part. You are sadly mistaken if you think I would respect your challenge. I couldn’t care less what you think about my integrity and reputation. Your letter and writings herein will speak sufficiently for any rationally and logically thinking Bitterrooter to decide the merits of our differing positions!
7. I have yet to see or read any of your “facts” that can stand the light of day test.
8. You got back to your lowly standard of bloviating in the last two paragraphs that are not worthy of comment!
9. Thanks for this opportunity! You made my day!
Jerry Haslip


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