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Bring Picnic back downtown!


Please just put the Creamery Picnic back on Main Street and stop this silliness in the park. If you were to objectively survey the town of Stevensville, you would have overwhelming support for putting the picnic back on Main.

The picnic CAN be put back on Main Street despite the line given that the state or the Department of Transportation won’t allow it. That’s simply not true, it can be done.

Why is there so much disdain for local business? I do understand that the Civic Club put a lot of money into the park but that’s not making the picnic any better.

You could put the Kids Area in there and have games and the BBQ cook off there if you would like.

If the Creamery Picnic was back on Main the turn out would be HUGE!!! Let’s all write, call and email if possible our wish to bring this event back to our Main Street community. Here are the contacts listed on the Creamery web site. Please be polite, these people do work very hard and it’s not an easy job.

Treasurer: Tonya Eckert, 239-9431

Marketing: Renee Beebe, 381-7631

Logistics: Ken Scrivner, 360-4233

Events: Scott Falagan, 360-3241

Parade: Melissa Sundberg, 550-0125

Booths: Scott Falagan, 360-3241

Tom Hoffman



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