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Inalienable or unalienable



There is a saying in science: “In God we trust, everyone else bring data” which leads one to believe that the scientific methods that brought us out of the Dark Ages are worthy of our trust. Unfortunately, politics have contaminated the process and seized upon an opportunity to further an agenda that has little to nothing to do with science. The very idea that an argument is the same as a debate should be evidence enough that something is amiss, just being snarky.

I am reminded of two other terms that have been confused in America; inalienable rights and unalienable rights. Inalienable rights are subject to changes in the law such as when property rights are second to new environmental law. In this situation no violation has occurred, a mere change in the law changes the nature of the right and you’re cool. Under the original doctrine of unalienable rights this would be illegal, “unconstitutional.”

Get it right, America, it’s unalienable rights; accept no substitute. We can debate it but I will not argue the point; just being snarky again.

Mike Mercer


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