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Common Core evil



Common Core or CC is one size fits all, with no provision for students with learning difficulties and evil to the core. Its only design is to make community activists. CC is intrusive and will store all family and students’ private information to be given to Federal Government which in turn will sell it for profit to companies and private agencies. This is the mark of a totalitarian government taking away the 10th Amendment and freedom to privacy as well.

The boards that run CC are CCSSO and NGA. NGA director Scheppach said, “one key difference for us is the involvement of federal government,” and CCSSO hired a director of federal relations, whose job is to assist in developing federal legislation agenda and implement strategies. States passed CC without knowing what was in it. Why? Greed for grant money. Bill Gates’ company Achieve wrote the national standard for CC and expects to make a huge profit from this.
In Albany N.Y. one CC assignment was to pretend the teacher is a Nazi SS commandant and write a persuasive paper about why Jews were evil and show loyalty to the Third Reich. Is this what you want for your child? In Williamson County Schools, CC refers to terrorists as freedom fighters, can you believe that!
Children will read fewer classics, replacing this with informational texts of government manuals, which by high school will be 70% of the reading. Simple math is replaced with more complicated methods and one professor from Stanford University said that CC math will put students two years behind.
Health will be added, aka sex, starting K-12 and will have a wide range of interactive learning techniques and tools. That should send up alarms. 2nd and 3rd grades will experiment with a variety of items to condition minds to natural coupling and use proper names of male and female body parts. 5th grade will have to know the reproductive system, and how it is used. CC says, “students need opportunities to engage in cooperative and active learning strategies and sufficient time must be allocated for students to practice skills relating to sexuality education.” WHAT?! Kids don’t need this! High school tours of planned parenthood, witness an abortion with the explanation that is only a clump of cells. This education does not belong to schools, the State or government and certainly not to little ones, this belongs to parents. It sounds like perversion of little minds.
Parents, get your child out of CC now, complain to your representative, schools, and governor and tell them how evil CC is before you see the evil results and are sorry. Let us be like Indiana and opt out now.
Dee Gibney

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  1. Mrs. Ford
    August 8, 2013 | 10:06 pm

    Another way for government to control from cradle to grave.
    Unfortunately, if parents do not take control of seeing that their children get an education in reading, writing, history, and learning how our country “should” actually work according to our constitution, there will be no country for them to practice their newfound sexual knowledge. Parents should wake up to what is actually being fed to their children.

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