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Support for Tom Maclay’s ‘dream’

By Peter MacLachlan, Hamilton


When Mr. Maclay’s ski area proposal was presented to us a few years ago, as a long-term addicted alpine (downhill) skier, I wanted it to happen. Having been a wilderness skier mainly in the Bitterroot range since the early 1960’s, and as a member of the Rocky Mountaineers, we cut a trail up off the Mormon Ridge road leading directly up the north ridge to Lolo Peak. I skied there with my friends and on one occasion skied to the top alone packing a super8 camera – my first (and last!) back-country shoot.

As far as my memory goes, most of us wilderness freaks/mountaineers wanted a commercial ski area there because of the beautiful terrain and long-season snow. We never saw it as a threat to the integrity of our vast Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. It was just going to be a great thing for all of us in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley.

As most of us here in those days remember, there was much resistance when that project was proposed. And it was defeated – twice as I recall.

Today, even though Mr. Maclay’s idea was originally stopped, the reasons to make it happen are still valid and worthy ones. And there is another important one – that we need economic help in Western Montana and especially here in our valley. I will do whatever to help this new ski area become a reality. Hopefully the USFS will see fit to implement the new proposal. It will be a good thing overall and help everyone, especially our kids.


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  1. Jeanie Moore
    July 17, 2013 | 2:51 pm

    As a resident and landowner just a few miles North of the proposed recreation area, I agree. Our family welcomes Mr Maclays innovative and carefully thought out plan to bring a lucrative and wonderful experience to the valley. Our future generations would only benefit as they learn to take care of our natural habitat and enjoy the proposed area that the Maclay family has fought so hard for. I think certain groups should give others more credit for knowing the difference between right and wrong as far as our environment is concerned . This would belong to everyone and for certain groups to stop it, solely because they can is just wrong . Also, I can\\\\\\’t help but add that I see no shortage of wildlife when I visit other resorts. They have not been run out into extinction because people want to enjoy the great outdoors. We are pulling for the Maclay family and this Valley! People and their future are important too.

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