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Government not the solution

What are the solutions?
Let’s say you want pizza for dinner. You order meat lover’s and the waitress says you have to have mushrooms and anchovies. It is their policy. Would you go back?
Let’s say you need napkins and hot dogs for a picnic. You go to the store and pick those up, and the cashier says you owe $25. How can that be, you ask. Store policy says, everyone pays that amount and the extra goes to our favorite charity or the manager. Would you go back?
The Legacy Ranch decision is an interesting observation in modern “government” local, federal or whatever. The people want one thing and get the opposite. Why do you keep going back? At least with the mushrooms and napkins, we do not have to go back. We can choose a different place to spend our money.
Yet we are forced to go back at gunpoint. There is a monopoly of force. You say, there were no guns. Behind every government official is a man in a uniform and a badge and a gun when you are not happy and choose not to comply with the decisions and policies of the bureaucrats. Elected officials and government bureaucrats do as they please or what they think is necessary, regardless of what “the people” think. If you thought they served you, you were mistaken. Wasn’t the mob supposed to protect our neighborhood too? What appears to us is the illusion of freedom, justice and fairness. Behind the scenes, it is not. There is a monopoly of force. This was an open example. Do not forget this or think it is an isolated incident; it is not! Read “The Prince.”
One of the things I thought was interesting during one of the public hearings was when the commissioners asked if there were any actual or alleged conflicts of interest in the matter. The room was dead quiet. No response from any commissioners!!! Interesting. Why would the commissioners vote unanimously for this against the people’s overwhelming opposition? I do not recall anyone addressing this.
I am wondering if the “government” really does ever listen to the people and act according to the majority; and, is the majority always right? What if the majority voted to kill all the dogs and eat them? Sounds ridiculous, right? How many laws are ridiculous now? Let me count.
How long are we going to continue to believe all the cliches that have been ingrained in our heads? “Government of the people, for the people, and by the people.” Really? “Land of the free, home of the brave.” Really? “We are a nation where the Rule of Law reigns supreme.” Really? Not when the county officials, city officials, judges, and all government bureaucrats do whatever they want, regardless of the people or the law! Oh, this never happens, right? We all know there are problems. Really, we do.
So what are the solutions? Forget the problems, stop complaining, don’t be afraid anymore. I speak to myself!
Solutions exist when relationships matter! I heard this multiple times in the county commissioners meeting today in Hamilton regarding water rights. The Forest Department and the Commissioners want to maintain good relationships. How does that happen when the people lose? Relationships are built in win-win exchanges, war is built in win-lose exchanges. Has anyone considered the Unintended Consequences of theft, whether it is water, hard-earned money, property rights, etc?
We must build a new world that works. We must build win-win relationships just like you do if you want to build a successful business. The mushroom and anchovy pizza policy will never build a successful business except for those who like that combination. This “government” of the bureaucrats and politicians is clearly not working any longer. The solution is to start building only win-win relationships in your own life. Build upon this principle and you will build a firm foundation for our world! People matter. Yes, the environment matters too.
Chris Martin


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