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Truth about sequestration

Van P. Keele’s blathering in the Bitterroot Star newspaper on 21 May 2013 about sequestration requires a response, for the following reasons:
1. Government spending has been significantly out of control since Obama became president and Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress,
2. Republicans were unable to stop the unbridled spending and a deficit that mushroomed from about $10 trillion to nearly a $16 trillion deficit after four Obama years,
3. In a last ditch effort to curtail out of control spending, Republicans agreed to Obama’s suggested sequestration deal – garnered up so that obtuse liberals could blame Republicans for any spending cuts that really should have occurred years ago,
4. While it is a fact that some of the sequester financial cuts were truly hurtful to Americans and American causes – such as defense cuts that affect American security, it must be pointed out that the Obama administration maximized the impact of such cuts to be more harmful to Americans while rejecting the idea that legislation could be enacted that would allow more selective spending cuts to minimize or eliminate such impacts,
5. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that there are many causes that have borderline justification and affordability and could have been selected for cutting rather than those hurtful to Americans,
6. It is essential to point out that Obama’s continued spending rate will cripple our future generation’s capability to cope with the impending financial disaster, and
7. Sorry, Van P., but you and your obtuse friends cannot defy reality and blame Republicans for sequestration! The real cause for sequestration was an attempt to control excessive, unbridled, and unaffordable liberal spending!
Jerry Haslip


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