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A Legacy Ranch Subdivision promoter said there would be significant effects on wildlife, but the wildlife would “adapt.” Exactly how does a wild animal “adapt” to being poisoned by lawn pesticides, oil and other toxins from driveways and yards and endocrine disrupting poisons running into their drinking water from so many septic systems? Exactly how does a wild animal adapt to being eaten by a cat or dog? Very few people in Ravalli County keep their cats under control at all times, dogs either. Exactly how does a wild animal adapt to having far less food to eat? The poisons used in large amounts in subdivisions kill the land insects, the aquatic insects, poison and starve the fish, amphibians and rodents and leave larger wild animals far less to eat. This has been shown by hundreds, if not thousands, of carefully done, peer reviewed, published scientific papers. Montana State Law says there should be no subdivision allowed where there is a significant effect on wildlife. The law does not say anything about making the wildlife “adapt” to impossible conditions.

Also, there is the exhaust from nearly 10,000 more vehicle trips a day, and that is very significant. A recent study directly connects autism in human children with the amount of vehicle exhaust to which the mother is exposed while pregnant. Autism and other birth defects are caused by the thyroid hormone disrupting chemicals in the exhaust. With ever increasing numbers of autistic children and animal young with birth defects in Ravalli County, the County Commissioners should be very concerned with the number of vehicles being used each day in Ravalli County. All Ravalli County and Missoula County parents should be very concerned. At what point does the air become unbreathable?

Judy Hoy


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