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Taking responsibility


How easy is it to point fingers at others? I find myself looking outward all the time. With all the scandals I am looking for who to blame? I used to be part of the political scene, party politics! It was always the other party’s fault for the mess we are in. Politicians do what they want as in this Legacy Ranch fiasco. They benefit, not you.

I want peace in our land and a better place to leave my children and grandchildren. I want justice for all, freedom and prosperity. But, I am not naive enough to think that all will be peaches and cream.

At what point do I take full responsibility for my life and make the world a better place through my actions, thoughts and blessings? We all have this power, and we all can use it for the best! We can change the world and bring peace and harmony; we do not have to wait for others to do this. We can all start today.

I can help weed my neighbor’s yard or bake cookies. I can purchase only from companies that help our world. I can grow some extra food to share. Look within and find the right thing to do.

Sounds pie in the sky, right? I have more faith in you all than I do in the government thugs! Make PEACE with me.

Chris Martin


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