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Media finally wising up?

The “mainstream media” and Obama are strange bedfellows. For some reason, only one news channel has significantly challenged the Obama administration’s involvement in three major scandals until recently! Those scandals include Benghazi gate, IRS snooping into conservative organizations, and Department of Justice snooping into the Associated Press’s and Mr. Rosen’s news gathering activities. Anyone with a “smidgeon” of intelligence can see through the lying about the Benghazi cause along with his administration’s inability to react and protect endangered Americans! Further, the Obama administration’s snooping into conservative organizations as well as the press are alarming and challenging to our constitutional liberties! Now that such illegitimate snooping has been exposed, the “mainstream media” is becoming somewhat critical of the Obama administration – what a welcome change!
These scandals are typical of “Chicago style” politics.
Keeping the electorate uninformed by controlling their news detail exposure is irresponsible reporting. It is very unfortunate that unthinking, mentally challenged Americans do not get the facts from a responsible news channel!
Jerry Haslip


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