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Don’t approve Legacy Ranch


To the County Commissioners of Ravalli County:
As an individual who has been looking to move to the Bitterroot Valley for a year now, doing my research, it was brought to my attention in reading your local paper that I was stunned by the possibility of approval to the Legacy Ranch subdivision by the Ravalli County Commissioners.
The Bitterroot Valley holds itself in grace and beauty. It is a microclimate of wonder and it expresses itself with the magnificence of the Sapphires, Bitterroot Range and river. The Legacy Ranch subdivision is not progress for progress can no longer be measured by what we build and/or destroy in that process, but progress must be measured by what we preserve and maintain in its pristine form for our future generations. Too much has already been destroyed by thoughtless development and careless consideration of the environment at hand. The Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge alone is a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife; this will undoubtedly be impacted by such an event.
Where do you stop and why not have the courage to say no? The Bitterroot Valley is not suburbia and this subdivision is the gateway to allow that to happen. Suburbia comes with overcrowding, increased crime, overuse and plundering of the environment along with increased air pollution, water pollution, waste management and certainly a taxing on the roads, schools and the community at large. Filtering this all in over 30 years is only a disguise to the inevitable, if allowed to happen, and that is the demise of natural resources, the demise of natural environments, namely the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge along with opening the door to other developers and turning the entire Bitterroot Valley into a quagmire of high density row houses.
I personally want to move to the Bitterroot Valley because of its small town feel and beauty and yet I have access to Missoula for the larger town experience. This subdivision will change the face and atmosphere of this valley. The people, who come here like me, want to leave the big city and suburbia behind. Don’t do this; do not allow this to happen. Be progressive, brave and daring and say no to this invasive, thoughtless predator of a contractor whose primary goal is to make money at the cost of the environment, the beauty and grace of this valley and the community at large.
Melody Laakso
Chattaroy, Washington

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