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Thanks to recyclers


Participating in recycling of our household products is not always easy in Montana. We are often confused by the on-and-off-again ability to recycle glass, for example. Most of the variability is determined by the competitive international market, transportation costs, and volume advantages conferred to larger-scale recycling entities.

Two retail businesses in Missoula have risen above the melee of market forces and decided to provide recycling opportunities to the public: Target and Bayern Brewing. In the Bitterroot, where I am part of Ravalli County Recycling, we have another quiet contributor to the recycling effort, Lakeland Feed & Supply, having passed on to us scores of large plastic sacks after emptying them of grain. We make invaluable use of these to receive, store, and haul recyclables.

There is a lot of mess, labor, and time involved in the commitment these three businesses have made to reducing the tonnage of waste destined for the Missoula landfill. All deserve a huge public thank you.

Ann Harding


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