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Freedom and the Legacy Ranch

The early colonists in this country fought hard against taxation without representation. They gave their lives to be free of Great Britain’s tyranny. It seems to me that the public in Ravalli County has fought to stop the Legacy Ranch from destroying the Stevensville and Refuge areas, asking for their “representatives” to listen, represent, and respect the people. I do have to say that I appreciate cats because they catch all the mice on our property and keep them out of our feed. Before the Black Plague in England centuries ago, most of the cats were killed. Then the rat population increased and the fleas became a problem. Go figure!
It appears that we still have taxation without representation. Why fear the “government” like Mary Fahnestock-Thomas stated in her letter, “Guns and fear”? Sometimes the elected officials do as they please and the people have no recourse. What then? I fear the government today because it has involved itself in my personal business. I cannot get new frames with my old eye lens prescription. Even though my eyes have not changed, I would know that, right? They are my eyes (I think). The laws that are endlessly enacted for a multitude of reasons are all about the money. “Follow the money” someone said. I am forced to pay for an eye exam before I can get new glasses.
Sometimes the “government” may not even be official, like Michael Spreadbury states. This IS more dangerous than individuals who speak their peace. What is the best solution? I do not believe violent revolution or any violence is the solution. For freedom to exist, property must be protected. That includes my eyes, they are mine. The local “government” must be put into proper order. What is the truth in this matter?
Chris Martin

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