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Brain-damaged approval?


Regarding Legacy Ranch Subdivision, I would like to sincerely thank the two Planning Board members who wisely voted against approval. Robert Myers and especially Howard Eldredge showed great wisdom by voting against this abomination.

How does pointing lights downward help with light pollution and impact on wildlife? Lights are lights and they have a serious, and often deadly, impact on wildlife by being turned on, period!

Was no mention made of all the windows, fences and power-lines for the migrating birds to hit? How will the developers mitigate that?

The loss of open land on which raptors hunt and waterfowl and songbirds forage will not be mitigated either, leaving far less for the nesting birds on the refuge to eat and feed their young.

You will be trading the wildlife on the Lee Metcalf Refuge, which brings millions of dollars to the Stevensville area, for a complete drain on the taxpayers of Ravalli County. Not one person except the developer thought that was a good idea – so much for government by the people, for the people!

Very unfortunately, by the time all humans go extinct from the poisons they put into the environment by dumping it into their septic tanks and sewer systems or pumping it onto their lawns, there will be little other life left. Those poisons were thankfully addressed by Howard Eldredge and apparently ignored by most of the other Planning Board members.

Obviously, brains here in the Bitterroot Valley have already begun to deteriorate from the poisons here now.

And really, if anyone on the Planning Board believes that people will actually keep their dogs and especially their cats under control and on their own property, they completely prove what I said about deteriorating brain function.

Judy Hoy


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