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In the Matter of the Name Change of Donny Ray Cox, Petitioner
Cause No. DV-13-99
Dept. No. 1
This is notice that Petitioner has asked the District Court for a change of name from Donny Ray Cox to Donny Ray Ritchie. The hearing will be on May 15, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. The hearing will be at the Courthouse in Ravalli County.
Dated March 6, 2013.
/s/ Paige Trautwein, Clerk of District Court
By: Mary Sawyer, Deputy Clerk of Court
Amended Order Setting Hearing
Dated April 1, 2013
/s/ Jeffrey Langton, District Court Judge
BS 4-10, 4-17, 4-24, 5-1-13.

In the Matter of the Estate of DAVID J. BUSH, Deceased.
Probate Case No. DP-13-30
Dept. 2
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-named estate. All persons having claims against the decedent are required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred.
Claims must either be mailed to Jeanine G. Bush, the Personal Representative, return receipt requested, at the Law Offices of Lawrence D. Johnson, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box 500, Hamilton MT 59840, or filed with the Clerk of the above Court.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Montana that the foregoing is true and correct.
DATED this 5th day of April, 2013.
/s/ Jeanine G. Bush, Personal Representative
BS 4-10, 4-17, 4-24-13.

Probate No. DP 13-31
Dept. No. 2
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-named estate.  All persons having claims against the decedent are required to present their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred.
Claims must either be mailed to FREDDIE L. DEHART, JR., the Personal Representative, return receipt requested, c/o Bell & Bell, P.C., 210 South 3rd Street, P.O. Box 210, Hamilton, MT  59840, or filed with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court.
DATED this 17th day of April, 2013.
/s/ Freddie L. Dehart, Jr., Personal Representative
BS 4-24, 5-1, 5-8-13.

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE Trustee Sale Number: 12-01883-5 Loan Number: 0214574188 APN:1311700  TO BE SOLD for cash at Trustee’s Sale on July 12, 2013 at the hour of 10:00 AM, recognized local time, At the front entrance of the County Courthouse, 205 Bedford, Hamilton, MT. the following described real property in Ravalli County, Montana, to-wit: Lot 30, Block 14, Sunnyside Orchards No. 4, Ravalli County, Montana according to the official plat thereof. More commonly known as: 4468 ILLINOIS BENCH RD, STEVENSVILLE, MT  WILLIAM E MURRAY AND CHARLENE MURRAY, HUSBAND AND WIFE, AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHTS SURVIVORSHIP, as the original grantor(s), conveyed said real property to ROBERT W. KRAFT, as the original trustee, to secure an obligation owed to MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INC., AS NOMINEE FOR ACCESS NATIONAL MORTGAGE CORPORATION, as the original beneficiary, by a Trust Indenture dated as of May 21, 2009, and recorded on May 29, 2009 under Document No. 618030, in the Official Records of the Office of the Record of Ravalli County, Montana (“Deed of Trust”). The current beneficiary is: Wells Fargo Bank, NA (the “Beneficiary”). FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY was named as Successor Trustee (the “Trustee”) by virtue of a Substitution of Trustee dated September 11, 2012 and recorded in the records of Ravalli County, Montana. There has been a default in the performance of said Deed of Trust: Failure to pay when due the following amounts which are now in arrears as of March 7, 2013: Balance due on monthly payments from April 1, 2012 and which payments total: $19,174.19: Late charges: $573.35 Bad Check: $30.00 Net Other Fees: $35.00 Advances: $800.00 Suspense: ($284.56) There is presently due on the obligation the principal sum of $249,452.74 plus accrued interest thereon at the rate of 4.12500% per annum from March 1, 2012, plus late charges. Interest and late charges continue to accrue. Other expenses to be charged against the proceeds include the trustee’s or attorney’s fees and costs and expenses of sale. The beneficiary has elected to sell the property to satisfy the obligation and has directed the trustee to commence such sale proceedings. The beneficiary declares that the grantor is in default as described above and has directed the Trustee to commence proceedings to sell the property described above at public sale in accordance with the terms and provisions of this notice.  The sale is a public sale and any person, including the beneficiary, excepting only the Trustee, may bid at the sale. The bid price must be paid in cash. The conveyance will be made by Trustee’s Deed. The sale purchaser shall be entitled to possession of the property on the 10th day following the sale. The grantor, successor in interest to the grantor or any other person having an interest in the aforesaid property, at any time prior to the trustee’s sale, may pay to the beneficiary or the successor in interest to the beneficiary the entire amount then due under the deed of trust and the obligation secured thereby (including costs and expenses actually incurred and trustee’s fees) other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred and thereby cure the default theretofore existing. SALE INFORMATION CAN BE OBTAINED ON LINE AT AUTOMATED SALES INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 714.730.2727  DATED: March 7, 2013 FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, Trustee, By: Megan Curtis, Authorized Signature  A-4369683 04/17/2013, 04/24/2013, 05/01/2013

An audit of Ravalli County, Hamilton, Montana has been conducted by Ronald Paul Foltz, Certified Public Accountant.  The audit covered this year ended June 30, 2012.
Section 2-7-521, MCA, requires the publication of the following summary of Significant Audit Findings.  This is only a summary and is not intended to be used as an audit report.
The audit report for Ravalli County for the year ended June 30, 2011, contained two independent auditor’s reports:
• The independent auditor’s report on the County’s financial statements.  There were no qualification in the audit report.
• The independent auditor’s report on internal control over compliance and financial reporting contained no findings.
• The independent auditor’s report on the County’s compliance and internal control over compliance applicable to major programs contained no findings.
The complete audit report (financial and compliance report) is on file in its entirety and open to public inspection at the County Administrative Offices at 215 S. 4th Street, Hamilton, Montana.  It is also available on the Ravalli County Website as follows: Go to Commissioners Home Page and on the right hand side of the Commissioners Home Page, under Additional Information, click on Budgets & Financial Information then Audit/Financial & Compliance Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2012.  If you need assistance call 375-6500.
Glenda Wiles
Adm. Assistant to Commissioners
BS 4-17, 4-24-13.

HAMILTON MINI STORAGE will be auctioning to the highest bidder, abandoned storage units owing delinquent storage rent for the following units: A-24, A-28 and C-15 on Friday, May 3 at 1:00 p.m. at 138 Blood Lane, Hamilton.
Buyer’s bid will be for entire contents of unit. Only cash or money orders will be accepted for payment. Units are reserved subject to redemption by owner prior to sale. Phone 363-5420.
BS 4-17, 4-24, 5-1-13.

Jerry and Alice Mainwaring, 170 Gilmore Lane, Hamilton, MT 59840: Notice is hereby given by Fairgrounds Road RV & Mini Storage that, unless your accruing balance is paid in full, the contents of the storage unit which you leased will be removed and sold at 537 N. Daly Ave., Hamilton, MT, at 8 A.M. on May 4th, 2013, in accordance with M.C.A. 70-6-420 and the provisions of the contract you signed.
BS 4-24, 5-1-13.

Thursday, April 25, 2013
6:00 p.m.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Council of the Town of Stevensville will hold a public hearing on April 25th, 2013 at 6:00 PM at the Town Council Chambers at 206 Buck Street, Stevensville, Montana 59870 for the purpose of obtaining public comments regarding proposed adoption of the following ordinances into the Municipal Code of the Town of Stevensville:
Ordinance No. 138 – An Ordinance Amending Chapter 12.24 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Stevensville – Sidewalk
Ordinance No. 139     – An Ordinance Amending Chapter 9.24 of the Municipal Code of the     Town of Stevensville – Weapons
Ordinance No. 140     – An Ordinance Repealing Chapters 5.24, 5.28, 5.32 and 5.38 of the     Municipal Code of the Town of Stevensville
All interested persons will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to express their opinions regarding these proposed ordinances.
Comments may be given orally at the hearing or submitted in writing mailed to P.O. Box 30, Stevensville, MT 59870 before 5:00 pm April 25th, 2013.  Questions, comments or more information may be obtained by contacting Town Hall at 406-777-5271.
Stacy Bartlett, Town Clerk
BS 4-17, 4-24-13.

Legal Notice
Legacy Ranch is a proposed 509 lot/unit major subdivision on 368.05 acres.  The subdivision is located off of Eastside Highway, between Porter Hill Road and Dry Gulch Road, approximately three and one-third miles southeast of the community of Florence.  The property is located in Section 31, T10N, R19W, and Section 36, T10N, R20W, P.M.M., Ravalli County, Montana.  The applicant is Sunnyside Orchards, LLC, and the applicant’s consultant is Jason Rice of Territorial-Landworks, Inc.  Information describing the proposal is available for inspection at the Planning Department, in the County Administrative Center, 215 S. 4th St., Suite F, Hamilton, MT 59840.  Written comments are encouraged to be submitted to the Planning Department prior to the public hearing(s), and will be forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC).
This notice is to inform you that the BCC’s scheduled public hearings on Thursday, April 25th, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. will be rescheduled to date(s), time(s), and locations to be confirmed.  The rescheduling is due to the developer’s request for an extension of time on the BCC final decision.  Please consult our website,, for up-to-date public hearing(s) information.  When a date and time has been secured for the hearing(s), legal notifications will once again be issued.  The public may comment verbally, or in writing, at the hearing(s).  Comments and information submitted at the public hearing(s) will be considered in the decision on the Legacy Ranch subdivision.  However, please note that only under select circumstances will new information be allowed into the record after the public hearing(s).
Please be advised that hearing time(s) indicate when the hearing(s) begin, and that there may be multiple items on the agenda.
BS 4-24-13.

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