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Guns stand for fear


“Only an armed people are a sovereign people and only armed people are free.” Really? I don’t exactly want to argue, just to point out that very few people in this country and the world agree with that. All of the guns in the USA are owned by way fewer than half of the people. A larger percentage of households in Switzerland and Israel may own guns, but they’re all registered and all citizens in both of those countries are trained and obligated to serve in the military if called. There may be as many guns per person in North Korea, but they all belong to the government. There may be a lot in Afghanistan, Syria, and some African nations, but that’s because they are all in some stage of what amounts to civil war. Is that where we are?

I don’t understand the paranoia. However much some of us may long for that seemingly less complicated society, this isn’t the Wild West anymore. If ‘The Government’ came after everyday people with military might, even assault rifles wouldn’t go far, and I can’t think of a single reason why the government would do that. There may be some fools in D.C., but we and our families, friends, and neighbors elected them and, with a little work and patience, we can un-elect them.

Why not register our guns and have universal background checks before sales? Why are we hiding? Why are we so afraid? Guns supposedly stand for strength; I think they stand for fear. I think strength and freedom can only be based on temperate dialogue among caring individuals. Then we can even have peace.

Mary Fahnestock-Thomas


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