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Boxing event shameful

According to an ad and article in a local newspaper, there is a new way to make a sport more attractive so it will have a greater attendance. I hope the schools don’t pick up on this!
The Eagles Boxing Club had beer and wine available for the adults at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds at their so called “Olympic Boxing”. To entertain the drunken adults and the local and visiting “kids”, according to Howard Skaw, they are bringing in girls from Hooters (only well-endowed women need apply). The Eagles Boxing Club features boys and girls from “elementary school to high school age,” according to Skaw and the article.
How nice! This is exactly what we need to expose our kids to, drunks (will some of the “kids” be drinking too?) ogling women known nationwide for Hooters’ emphasis on body parts and encouraging the young “kids” to follow their example.
All this shows that this is not a legitimate sport nor is it a legitimate organization. This is about money and getting people to come that have no interest in the sport.
By the time this letter is printed, the show will be over. Shame on the organization and sponsors: Skaw, Shiever, BJs Restaurant, Bob Ward, Tire-rama, Town House Inns and Professional Impressions. I think we need to let our wallet inform these businesses what we think of immature adults exposing children to such activity. I think we need to let the County Commission know what we think about this type of activity at our tax funded facilities.

I hope our community will not be silent as silence condones the behavior.
Dallas D. Erickson

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