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Don’t miss this one!


Wow! This one’s really worth going to see. What am I talking about? The performance of a Neil Simon play right here in Stevensville Playhouse. The name of the play… “God’s Favorite.”
I have attended just about every play done here in the last two years, and I must say that the combination of casting choices, script and directing talents of Susan McCauley has come together in a show well worth your attendance and support.
The subject is that of a modern day household, well to do because of hard work and tenacity that brings the father from a poor family background into a financially rewarding ownership of a cardboard box factory. One reason for his success is that he acknowledged God and a relationship with him through a strong faith.
Does that sound a bit too ‘heavy’ for your taste? Don’t even think it! You see, Neil Simon has seen this serious story from a comedic point of view. Some of the situations surrounding each of the family members and his or her relationship to the family as a whole are cause for laughter from the audience throughout the performance. The evening is truly one of enjoyment for all who see the show.
Riding on the backbone of comedy, however, is a familiar scene for those who do share the dad’s faith in his God. Yes…believe it or not, it’s the story of Job, God’s favorite follower in the olden days. The rest of the family reacts to what the dad has to endure, which changes each member’s character rather drastically as the show continues. Simon has layered together a magnificent dessert for your long day by inserting what I would call a morality play theme as he tickles your funny bone.
I have to say, too, that the cast members have done a wonderful job in portraying the characters and the attitudes that Simon intended for us to see. Each member deserves high praise for their talent and their spirit.
So, what’s missing in this picture??? YOU! Go see it. Don’t miss it.
Feb. 22, 23, March 1, 2 at 7:30, Feb. 24 and March 3 at 2:00.
Call 777-2722 for reservations. .
Clay Freeman

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