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Property tax collusion?


Has anyone ever inquired about paying someone else’s property tax bill? It is most unpleasant! It becomes obvious from the beginning that the clerk waiting on you does not approve. First you must endure the attitude, then you are told that if you want to figure out any information, you must wade through the room full of books, files, or computer data. You are not directed anywhere specific, so it would be like finding a needle in the haystack.
So, after reading the front page article in the Star, I found myself asking several questions. How does one company access most of the delinquent property tax payers? Who is this company? The article neglected to specify! Did Ravalli County work with this company to provide this data? and was this at the Ravalli County taxpayers’ expense? What company will be potentially owning much of this property? In other words, who will be our new neighbor? Did this company pay the Ravalli County for this public information? Was there anything akin to insider trading involved here? Just wondering!

Chris Martin


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