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You have the power to change


‘Tis the season for Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, hum…

So many folks are caught on the merry-go-round of life, continuing to hope that they don’ t weaken, falter, or fail, and if they can just hang on awhile longer, things will get better.

Well, how about today? Are you warm, are you full? No, not full of it… Are you sitting there nice and comfortable while you read this? Well, things are getting better already.

Now there is an old saying that it is simply a matter of “mind over matter” and oh, how true that is! If you’re feeling down, oh, life sucks. If you’re feeling happy, comfortable, and a bright outlook for the future, my, what a beautiful day today is!

So, the million dollar question is, what are we to do with this “newfound” wisdom? Do you feel like you just won the lottery, or, oh, God, what is the next line we have to endure? Ho, ho, hum…

So if you don’t mind, well, that doesn’t matter, time and this letter will go on anyway. (A little play on words there…)

As we scurry about to and fro, buying, buying, stuff to appease our feelings of “Oh, Jimmy got this, so I gotta buy Sally that, and it’s gotta be the same amount.” How sad is it that we take such luxuries for granted as “buying” to appease our consciences, when maybe the simple folk would just love to have their family and a good meal to share with them. Yup, just that, no hype, no hoopla, no expensive gifts to throw in the closet with all the rest.

Now, are you still down on this joyous season or did you get the spark you needed to see and say, “My, this really is a wonderful bright new day and season! And maybe I just needed to have someone gently remind me of all the blessings I do have that I’ve not fully appreciated.. until now!”

Now, as I sit back and think of my family, oh, the stubborn lot we are! How can we go about making a change? Some folks been fightin’ and fussin’ for so long, often we can’t recall just exactly why, it’s just become the normal way of life. Oh, how sad what we allow to become normal activity in our daily lives.

So the next million dollar question is… Oh, you know what the question is. I already gave you one million dollar piece of wisdom, you figure the next one out for yourselves.

Have a great holiday, one and all!

Jesse Staat


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