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Corporatism is capitalism run amok

I see corporatism as capitalism run amok.  It has overtaken government.  It feeds on the concept of “profit” which, if uncontrolled and lacking in moral values, expands into greedy accumulation of wealth and increasing power. These eventually over-ride compassion and accommodation of those societal needs conceptually and inadequately provided for through the profit motivated system.  Socialistic governments, claiming provision of human needs for the people, tend to reserve more and more wealth for themselves, witness recent government stimulus funding for “government shovel-ready projects”. Government concept of “job-creation” is developing more and more labor intensive bureaucracies, agencies and control systems, which require more and more taxes and natural resources to finance its own ever-increasing “needs and demands”.  The over-reaction to “save the world environmentalism” salves any guilt feelings through support of highly propagandized “good causes” at the expense and sacrifice of those who are the true financial providers, the free enterprise working class.  It will take major change in the public philosophy of governmental dependency to return to the principles of self-sufficiency and limited government which made our country successful under its unique Constitution.  Perhaps this cannot be achieved until society witnesses total collapse of rampant corporatism.  Is human nature repairable?

Clarice Ryan

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