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Let’s solve CFH problem now


Now that the election is over, we must begin working together to find what is causing the serious health problems that result from Congenital Fetal Hypothyroidism (CFH) (disruption of the fetal thyroid hormones during development). The newborns of all vertebrate animals, predators, prey and humans are being seriously affected by CFH. The United States Pentagon said five years ago that the symptoms of CFH in human young people are a serious national security issue. The symptoms include diabetes, heart defects, autism, asthma, cancer, obesity, autoimmune disorders, reproductive malformations, and lifelong health problems because of premature birth, all of which are now epidemic. There is no actual cure for any of these health problems, because we are poisoning ourselves. Since the health problems resulting from thyroid hormone disruption are epidemic in wildlife, domestic animals and in human children, why aren’t we trying to find the cause? If more young could survive, there would be more wolves, elk, deer and other game animals to harvest and there would be more livestock to sell. Most importantly, so many human newborns and children would not have to suffer the serious health problems resulting from CFH. This seems like a win, win, win and definitely should be worth working together to achieve. It isn’t beyond our scientific capability to test the rain, snow, foliage and surface water to find what thyroid hormone disrupting chemicals are causing the CFH and stop using those chemicals. It sounds easy, but it isn’t, because some people would rather kill children, even their own, than stop using the thyroid hormone disrupting chemicals. That other animals are affected doesn’t bother them. However, this is not a “you are wrong and we are right issue” or a “left vs. right issue.” This is an issue that affects all of us. And if people were informed about what the issue really is, I am certain they would want to work together to find what is causing the epidemic of CFH and stop using those chemicals. Our payoff would be healthy wildlife populations, healthier livestock and best of all healthier children; better than winning the lottery and a great Christmas present for all.

Judy Hoy


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