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Bitter taste in mouth


Bitterness portrays a person or group of people as being harsh, hard to bear, showing intense hostility, intolerant. Perhaps those continuing to sling the words Racist, Bigot, Homophobe, Islamaphobe, War Monger, Stupid, Ignorant, Right To Lifers ought maybe to take another look at the word bitter.

Many of us who disagree with the election results are not bitter. We are disillusioned by the thought that America is quickly becoming a nation in name only. That too many of our citizens no longer believe in a hard days work, or a country of people who considered America the one exceptional place in the world that drew people here because of our freedom to thrive. The one country that had the ability to extend a helping hand to those in need, here and abroad. A nation of people (for the most part) who woke up every morning motivated to choose to do the right thing.

A people who believed that putting forth a kind word or a simple gesture to someone else made everything okay, and those who without question innately understood that telling the truth, no matter what the consequence, was always the way to go.

What happened to that great country? Where did it go? Where are those people? Some of us are still here and we will continue to stand, because we believe in doing the right thing. We make that conscious choice each and every day to lift someone up, instead of tearing them down, extending a hand to give, rather than take, holding onto our faith, because we know who is really in charge. We hold firm in the belief that good will always overcome evil.

Too often in the course of a day some choose to bellow out a word of hate or disgust toward another who may not agree with their agenda. Put yourself in that person’s shoes. Some may bully others on the highway on their way to work. Put yourself in their car. Some may pretend to be offended by another’s faith and attempt to take away their freedom of religion because it satisfies their intolerance and ignorance. Put yourself in their daily life.

The old adage “walk a mile in my shoes” has now been replaced (by 1/2 of our people) with “it’s all about me,” “where’s mine,” “what about what I want,” “who cares what your needs are.” The ridiculous mobs on Black Friday are proof of that.

For all those full fledged members of the Church of Obarna, we who choose to do the right thing have one remaining element that either you have forgotten or never had to begin with, and that is our steadfast faith in the real Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will continue to forgive, we will not relinquish our faith at any cost and we will continue to pray for those who have forgotten how great this country was, is, and will continue to be.

When you get up tomorrow morning, what will your choice be?

Cindy Carstens


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