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Response to Pollard


It is appropriate for me to respond to Earl Pollard’s recently posted letter in the Bitterroot Star! First, I am happy for Earl and all the entitlements he has earned over his 88 years. Congratulations to him! I too, have earned a lot of entitlements over my 76 years and I am darned well sure that I have deserved them. Earl, please note that I have absolutely no problem with people getting earned entitlements, and surely did not suggest otherwise.
What I am so concerned about is that there is an ever increasing supply of people who are becoming eligible for unearned entitlements. Unfortunately, that increasing supply of non-earners is welcomed by liberal/socialistic politicians encouraging them to become dependent on the government dole. Once so dependent on the dole, they will to continue to vote for people who placed them on the dole- furthering a continued downward spiral! Some of those people are needy and should get entitlements; however, very significant numbers of people who are physically and mentally capable should not be so entitled.

Common sense should tell anyone that significant action is mandatory now when government spending, including entitlement expenditures, significantly outnumbers tax revenue!

One thing that Earl is right about, however, is that Republicans really are out of step with the real world today because the real world has gone so far towards socialism. Further, many politicians- and especially Democrats, continue to ignore the guiding principles of our Constitution and supporting documents. That is extremely sad, unwarranted, and scary!

What is really sad about Earl and so many unthinking people is that they do not possess the common sense and intelligence to recognize that socialism has placed America on the brink of financial disaster. Unfortunately, Americans who do possess those aforementioned qualities recognize that America’s financial future looks bleak but are substantially outnumbered and can do little about the future! At least, that is until Earl and similarly unthinking people wake up.

Jerry Haslip


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