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There’s nothing like friends

By Judith Giglio (for) members of the Stevensville High School Class of 1967

There’s nothing like friends; friends who have known you for years, who still remember and care. There are a group of friends from the Stevensville High School class of 1967 who still remember and care for one another. Yes, 45 years ago, we graduated and went our separate ways. A few stayed in touch, but most went on to our own lives. Some of us went into military service. It was the time of the Vietnam Conflict, and the draft was still in place. The graduating boys were faced with some tough decisions: try for a college deferment, hope your number wouldn’t come up, go to Canada or sign-up and choose your branch of service.

On this Veterans Day, we want to express appreciation to some women from that class of ’67 and to the veterans who served in our military services. You see, these women did remarkable things for their classmates and veterans. Over two years, these women cut up over 80 yards of fabric, stitched and stitched, and stitched. They created more than a dozen Quilts of Valor for the Class of ’67 Veterans. Carol Dietz Emery remarked, “I posted a list of all our veterans on both my sewing machine and quilting machine. While I stitched, I thought of each of you on the list, 18-year olds who bravely stepped up and served in various military branches, leaving our safe and quiet town behind to travel all over the world for ME!…I am grateful and thankful for all of you.”

Carol Emery and Janalee Panting McFadgen spearheaded the project while other women from the class of ’67 donated time, materials, and lots of encouragement to the quilters. Some of the women contributing were Margie Pfau Moore, Susan Wallace Lyons, Shirley Patterson Pollard, Arlee Tucker, Pam Baldwin, Beth McGill Atchley, Cheryl Whitesett Bryson, Billy Jean Goforth, Stephanie Hobblitt, Kim Lawrence, Nancy Potter Lowell, and Bonnie Skalsky Weisbeck. Marcia Prather hand-made beautiful cards to commemorate the gifts.

These beautiful quilts were given to the veterans at our 45th class reunion this year. Our Navy veterans included Joe McKay, Scott Miller, Gene Wark, Gary Skalsky, and Dick Terning; Army veterans included Gordon Wax, Paul Hurt, Fred Rolf and Roy Howard. Judy (Hiney) Giglio and David Johnston served in the Air Force. Danny Clements and Jim Edinger served their country in the Army National Guard. Marcia Prather was a physician with the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service.

The emotions that welled up in each veteran were indescribable. It is hard to know what each veteran remembers and feels about their military service. The Vietnam Conflict was, and still is, a confusing time in our history. Even though some of us served a short time and some for years, the memories, the losses, the pains, and the joys of our service will never be forgotten. And we are grateful that we will never be forgotten by our beloved friends and classmates.

Thank you veterans and a special thank you to the wonderful Girls of ’67.

May God Bless our Veterans and our Friends.


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  1. John Mills
    November 22, 2012 | 12:03 am

    I had no idea until my cousin, Stephanie Hoblitt asked that read this article. As a Veteran of a foreign war my old Dorian is off to you folks!!

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