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Unhappy about election outcome


This letter is written to all of those irrational, illogical, and unthinking Americans who voted for Obama and Senate Democrats in the recent election. Common sense is a virtue, but not to those who unknowingly jeopardize our republic. God help us in our dwindling last days! Those wise men that established our republic were intelligent enough to protect us from government controls and spending. However, liberals found ways and means to “entitle” those who weren’t willing or able to support themselves. Unable people deserve our support; however, many people are unwilling to try to support themselves and are on the dole. Those on the dole will continue voting for those who put them there in order to continue their “privileges.”

Our republic is being “fundamentally transformed” as promised by Obama because our electorate is so dense in believing that he could better our republic! That idiocy is truly insane and scary, but apparently the uninformed electorate wants more of the same!

Our republic is truly heading towards disaster!

As demonstrated during his first term, an unchecked Obama will undoubtedly continue to ruin our economy and credit rating! Liberals want more revenue so they continue overspending while minimizing spending reductions. Americans deserve better, but didn’t vote for it in sufficient numbers!

Obamacare is now law, so entitlement spending will be greatly increased. Drastic spending cuts is a responsible action, but not on Obama’s agenda!

Several months ago, Obama said that it is irresponsible to increase taxes during a sagging economy. Now, he steadfastly vows to increase taxes for the wealthy- even though the economy has worsened. Not a logical/responsible plan for a president- but why would anyone suggest Obama so thinks!

The Obama administration and Democratically controlled Senate has implemented a likely to continue, but extremely radical liberal agenda! Obama‘s aforementioned vow strongly suggests that likelihood! That agenda, when implemented, forces Americans to become more dependent upon governmental control and entitlements. The end result is more people becoming reliant on government financing and a continuing influence in determining election results!

Under Obama’s misguided leadership and liberal spending habits, our national debt has increased by about 60% in just four years. Guess what- many responsible economists suggest that such habits, if continued, will significantly worsen our economy. Even rocket scientists would agree we don‘t want to become Grecian! Blatant spending of borrowed money is downright stupid and has to be minimized!

It is imperative for our republic to put this liberal agenda in check by an insistent electorate through a Republican controlled House! Conservatives and responsible Americans must now implore our House to stand steadfastly or we will be soon kissing our behinds good bye!

Jerry Haslip


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