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Montana was never meant to be “last place,” but the “Last Best Place.” Here we have one of the wealthiest states in the country in terms of God-given resources, and yet Montanans are some of the lowest wage earners anywhere. It just doesn’t make sense!
Why be called the Treasure State when we can no longer prosper from the valuables that gave Montana that name in the first place? Only one candidate understands what it takes to have the Treasure State without compromising our amazing outdoor heritage, and that’s Rick Hill.
I’ve heard Rick speak on this issue multiple times, and he continues to make clear that we need to break down the barriers that are holding Montana back from being as good a place as it was for our parents and grandparents; a place of unlimited opportunity.
We have an opportunity now, as voters, to choose the candidate who will restore a thriving economy and revive what was once great about Montana… the ability to make a living at a high-paying job in the most beautiful place on Earth.
Rick Hill understands how to make that a reality, and is absolutely the smartest choice for Montana.
Lilya McAlister

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