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Thanks for nothing!

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan ripped the solar panels off the White House, setting the stage for 26-plus years of Republicans obstructing progress on climate change. Today, the Bitterroot Valley set yet another record for consecutive days without rain.
While no single event is a confirmation of climate change, when added to the huge number of weather records being set—worldwide—ignoring the evidence is simply irresponsible. So when people in the Bitterroot Valley wake up with coughs and sore throats—due to smoke from this extremely long forest fire season—they should all say: “Thanks Republicans . . . . FOR NOTHING!”
Marty Essen


One Response to Thanks for nothing!
  1. Mike Miller
    October 29, 2012 | 10:29 pm

    Last I checked, democrats haven’t replaced them. Can you say ““Thanks Democrats . . . . FOR NOTHING!”?

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