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Election of no return

Only Republicans can keep this from being the “Election of No Return” because:
One more Obama judge would flip the Supreme Court left making the Constitution no barrier to whatever radical Liberals desire.
When (not if) California goes bankrupt, an Obama bailout would sink America along with it.
Rescue of the Government Motors electric car, Volt, requires Obama double again the price of gas; but, rescue America requires anti-Obama, price-lowering drilling and digging for energy.
There is no way America can be spared financial ruin unless its financial controls are removed from wasteful Liberal spendthrifts.
Defense of America’s finances and constitution, requires strong states that push back against radical liberal takeovers.
In Montana, we need to demote Senate boss Harry Reed by replacing Tester with Denny Rehberg and put the Governorship and Legislature in Republican hands.
Before any economic crash, let’s strengthen Montana’s economy by voting for a Republican State Land Board: Governor, Rick Hill; Attorney General, Tim Fox; Supt Public Instruction, Sandy Welch; State Auditor, Derek Skees; and Sec. of State, Brad Johnson.
Then a revitalized Land Board will plot an environmentally sound use of our resources to become a state of jobs and prosperity, with a state treasury allowing strong financing for education, welfare and vital infrastructure.
The great State of Montana should brace itself to be a bulwark, against states like California threatening to drag America into an awful Obamacratic fiscal disaster.
Charles E. Wissenbach

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