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The truth about wolves


I don’t usually write letters to editors, but this letter really got to me!

This is in answer to Ms. Julia I. Fernandez-Clegg from Chicago (Letters Sept. 12, 2012). If all those who live in their Ivory Palaces in any major metropolitan area would do a little honest research, instead of allowing the so called educated elite to brainwash them, they might, just might think straight.

While I agree with her that trapping is not the answer, it is at the moment a necessary evil.

Those of her opinion should be forced to stand and watch, personal and up close, just what a pack of wolves will do to an elk. First they gang up and hamstring the animal so that it cannot defend itself, then they proceed to eat the animal while still a living, breathing creature. You watch that just once and I guarantee you, you will not be so in love with the unlovely wolf. They are beautiful to look at, but, so it says in the Good Book, is Satan! The wolves eat their fill, then leave the rest, usually most of the animal, to whatever beast is around to finish it off. Sometimes they kill as a serial killer does, just for “kicks.”

Man is supposed to manage the great outdoors and all in it, but we were not told to try to bring back species that, for whatever reason, have disappeared from a certain area. Wolves are not extinct but they had disappeared from this area, leaving it free for man to raise animals for food for other men, That is, until some all-wise, all knowing person decided to mess it up.

I doubt this “educated” lady will even read this but perhaps someone of her ilk will and then “see the light.” By the way, Ms. Fernandez-Clegg from Chicago, had you noticed? Chicago is not in the state of Montana. Let Montanans manage Montana.

Joann Walker


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