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Opposed to new sign ordinance


We are appalled at the idea of the increase in the size of advertising signs – we moved here 20 years ago because of the beauty of the Valley, and the vistas that allowed us access to that beauty between Florence and Darby, on Hwy 93 and East Side Highway. We fought this fight in 2000, why should we be forced to fight it again? Leave the ordinance as it is, listen to your constituents. I would love to see a list of the ‘concerned citizens’ who asked for the change and have them explain just why they were so concerned. Once again, the wants of few seem to outweigh the desires of many, and we call ‘unfair’. How could the Commission vote for this change, when anonymous telephone calls with no public record were the only indication that the change was wanted or needed? Very curious, and interesting. If there are any investigative reporters left, they need to be on this like a duck on a Junebug. We vote ‘no change’, we like seeing our valley as it is. There are already too many signs.

Ray & Carla McDonald


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