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Leave sign ordinance unchanged

The change being considered for the maximum allowable size for a billboard to 672 sf is not a change my household supports. The current allowable size of 32 sf is acceptable.
We live on North Kootenai Creek Road, 1-1/2 miles from a very large billboard sign. It was horrible when that sign was put in and resulted in an outcry from the community, thus creating the current ordinance. The bright lights on that sign line up exactly on our road. Every time I come out of my driveway at night there it is shining, it ruins the night sky, it is just plain ugly. I do not do business with anyone that advertises on that sign. It negatively impacts on the beauty of the valley and the thought of having more of them in the valley than there already are is truly distressing.
My household absolutely does not support this ordinance being changed.
You have received written public comments now placed in the record, all of which are in favor of leaving the ordinance unchanged. Citizens spoke at the First Reading in opposition of changing the ordinance. No commissioner voiced support or opposition. Every commissioner should voice their thoughts on a matter as important as changing an ordinance. As citizens we should always know the thoughts that support a commissioner’s vote.
We do not know who asked for a change:

  • A business owner?
  • A property owner wanting to lease their land for the sign?
  • A sign company?
  • Someone who just thinks the ordinance should be changed?

We do not know how many people have requested the change or why they want the change. This information seems to be rather pertinent to the discussion.
A county sign ordinance affects all of us in the county. It even affects the tourists visiting the valley. Before such an ordinance is changed it seems fair, actually imperative, that the public be informed about the reasons for considering a change in the ordinance. From whom did the commission receive “telephone calls . . . asking for the change”? Would a change be in the best interest of the citizens of the county?
Finally, it only takes a few phone calls from county residents to get an ordinance changed? Really, it’s that easy?
Shirley & Bobbie McKibbin

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