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Support for Obama

I’m writing today to ask voters to reelect President Barack Obama and our farmer-Senator Jon Tester. Let me provide some insight as to why a conservative 84 year old great grandmother, a near lifelong Republican, would want these two Democrats reelected.
I’ll start with “Obamacare.” To many, especially my Republican friends, Obamacare’s a nasty word. But to me Obamacare says it all, because Obama really does care. There’s much in Obamacare that helps seniors on Medicare. I’m living proof of it.
First, like many Medicare Part D (drug) recipients, I fell into the dreaded “donut hole.” But under Obamacare the hole’s closing, saving me precious dollars. If Obamacare were repealed, which is the Romney/Ryan/Rehberg promise, I among millions of seniors would immediately be paying more.
Under Obamacare I get free Medicare wellness visits and annual physicals. This helps nip problems in the bud before they escalate into ER visits, hospitalizations, or even disease, so it’s smart and cost effective healthcare.
Critics say our President’s cutting $716 billion from Medicare. I’m no Marie Curie but I’ve looked into the accusation. It’s false. First, it reduces Medicare payments to hospitals, which hospitals agreed to (!) when the legislation was being hashed out among big players like hospitals, physicians, and insurers. It doesn’t cut Medicare services. Second, it’s the savings from ridding taxpayers of wasteful insurance industry subsidies (overpayments) to Medicare “Advantage” plans. Third, it saves by cutting fraud, waste, and abuse. The $716 billion is savings. It cuts our national debt, adds 8 years to Medicare solvency, and doesn’t cut guaranteed Medicare services. That’s smart government for a change!
Clearly Obamacare directly benefits Medicare seniors. But here’s a personal story about my granddaughter and her son who’s battled cancer for 3 years. Thank God my granddaughter and her wonderful husband have great health coverage and are doing OK financially. Incredibly my 7 year old great grandson’s in remission now, after chemo, and care continues to this day. But during those years of treatment my granddaughter met many families with sick kids who weren’t so fortunate. Many went bankrupt or lost their homes because of medical bills. Many couldn’t get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. But now, thanks to Obamacare, children can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, and chances of personal bankruptcy are greatly reduced.
Obamacare has so many good provisions–too much to list here. Please get informed before knee jerkingly opposing it. Our Senator Tester should be proud of his “Yes” vote!
As someone who experienced the Depression and WWII, a Romney/Ryan White House and Rehberg in the Senate scare me even more. In addition to repealing Obamacare, their budget will be catastrophic to seniors. They plan to immediately start cutting hundreds of billions from Medicaid. Two out of three seniors rely on Medicaid to pay for long-term care in nursing homes. What will happen to these vulnerable seniors? It’s frightening and I pray I’ll never need nursing home care. But who knows? It’s not worth taking the chance on Romney/Ryan/Rehberg.
My 62 year old daughter is an amazing, severely disabled woman whose lifelines are her family, caregivers, computer (to communicate), and Medicaid. Medicaid pays for caregivers and Obamacare will allow her to stay in her apartment and not be institutionalized. What will happen to her if Medicaid is gutted by the threesome of Rehberg/Romney/Ryan?
My fears of a Ryan/Romney administration may seem dramatic. But look at their public promises–repeal Obamacare, voucherize Medicare, gut Medicaid. Mr. Ryan even strongly supported President Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security.
Mitt Romney, in a rare and frank speech to fundraisers caught on tape, clearly said he didn’t care about 47% of Americans because they don’t pay federal income taxes. He called them “victims,” said they were irresponsible and freeloaders. Who are these “freeloaders”? Well 10% are seniors, like myself, who’ve paid into SS and Medicare and don’t feel like “victims” or “entitled.” I worked till I was 72! Some 28% work and pay payroll (and other) taxes. Seven percent are dirt poor. Many of the 47% are veterans, active and retired. Active veterans in war zones are exempted from federal income taxes. These are the citizens Romney writes off? Shameful.
When we head to the polls let’s reflect on our choices. President Obama and Senator Tester will protect our healthcare and Social Security. They won’t abandon seniors, veterans, and the struggling low and middle income folks. They’ll work their darnedest for everyone, because they believe in publicly serving and caring for all Americans.
This is why I’m a Democrat now. My GOP left me and my family. Don’t let Rehberg/Romney/Ryan enrich the richest on the sore backs of me and my disabled daughter. I ask you to reject the triple “R” ticket of Romney/Ryan/Rehberg because it’ll only lead to Ruin, Recession, and Remorse.
Doris Adam

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