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The truth is out – the Obama administration knew that the Benghazi attack was pre-planned within 24 hours afterward! Yet members of the Obama administration – including Obama, Clinton, Rice and Carney – continued to blather that it was a “spontaneous event” for days. There is no other way to call it – they knowingly lied to the American electorate. This happening is outrageous! This liar should get what he deserves – replacement. It can’t happen soon enough! A return to sane, honest leadership has become essential! “Benghazi-Gate” is just one more saga in Obama’s continuing demonstration of his inability to be an honest leader.
Obama sold his plans for “hope and change” to a gullible electorate in 2008. However, so many misguided leadership demonstrations in four years should be far beyond enough to cast him aside in November! I say that because of all turmoil in the world, in the USA economy, and in our unbridled spending habits. Now, we all have hope for a change!
Anyone who thinks Obama is a successful leader does not have a grasp on reality! Obama will go down in history as the worst president to date! “Amateur in the White House” could not be a more accurate and appropriate description of Obama’s presidency!
Jerry Haslip


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