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Support for Romney

Montana will probably vote for Mitt Romney as President, but without having Denny Rehberg in the Senate to remove Harry Reed as Senate boss, Romney would have to act in the mode of a compromising politician anytime he wanted to get something through Congress. Having to buy off the Liberals would take the edge off his efforts to revitalize America.
Moving in concert with Greece and California toward bankruptcy isn’t an option for us. This is not the time to be swayed by scientifically designed brainwashing ads trying to convince us one candidate is a devil while his opponent is a Santa Claus.
This is the time to vote American–to vote the big picture. Bird-killing, half-time-loafing windmills are all well and good, but it will take drilling and digging to get energy costs down for the benefit of individuals, business and America. Further, a surplus of energy production will help us geopolitically, allowing us to break any energy chokehold Russia applies to our European allies. We must save on foreign exchange by selling rather than buying foreign oil. That is a key to balancing our budget to prevent bankruptcy.
America’s turnaround is only as far off as November’s election. The short term relief would be immediate under a Romney-Paul presidency.
Governors like Christie, Walker and Kasich show that conservative leadership can balance economies in a matter of months.
Business would have confidence to expand and hire. A multitude of executive actions, such as authorizing the 20,000-job Keystone Pipeline would have a mighty cumulative impact.
Under Obama, gas prices doubled from $1.85 a gallon. For each ten cents Romney’s policies reduced the price of gas, householders would save $93.25, and consumers $11 billion–each year.
Let’s put Romney, Ryan and Rehberg to work turning America around to bring back security and normalcy. Romney has the skill, worldview and work ethic to put America back to work.
When he promises to break his back to rescue America, I believe him. His pride in his success record wouldn’t let him rest until his legacy also included turning America around.
Spurning the brainwashing, let’s vote him that chance!
Charles E. Wissenbach

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  1. Slim Pickins
    September 30, 2012 | 5:54 pm

    Romney will not improve your world. Just ask some of the many who lost their jobs when he outsourced them. He is a fool. This country is not a business, but with the corporate stranglehold it sure feels like it. You should go read a book.

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