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Should we sacrifice our Constitutional Rights at the altar of Foreign Policy?

This election year has brought to the forefront a policy of appeasement and apology that puts foreign interests ahead of the American people’s interests and calls it progress. Claiming good trade relations are more important than our own citizens’ rights to individual prosperity. By interweaving our destiny with that of other nations and entangling our peace and prosperity in the questionable intentions of foreign ambitions and rivalries, we have become dependent on the whims of dictators and terrorists.

Charles Lindbergh, Sr. wrote the following in 1923 about America being pushed into WWI: “The one compelling duty of America is to put its own house in shape, and to stand upon an economic system that will make its natural resources available to the intelligence, industry and use of the people. When we do that the way to world redemption from the folly of present chaos will stand out in our country so clearly, honestly and usefully that we shall be copied wherever peoples do their own thinking.”

The current debate of expertise in Economic Stability vs. Expertise in Foreign Affairs should be quite clear to any thinking American; take care of business at home and let the world follow our example or get out of our way. More could be said of the powers moving the chess pieces around but I will leave that to the individual to explore.

Mike Mercer


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