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Support for Hill

I don’t care what party you belong to, we are all sick and tired of the attack ads. Until now, I have kept silent, and let the candidates duke it out. However, I saw an ad against my friend, Rick Hill, that I knew was not true. Campaign staffs need to stick to true facts, instead of generalizing about a candidate.

This particular ad was saying Rick was a “DC” politician. What does that mean? Does that mean we can’t trust any US Senator, any US Congressman, because they work in DC?

I met Betti Hill 6 years ago. Anyone who has met her knows that that first impression is who Betti is. There is nothing fake about her. I met Rick four years ago. The same impression.

These people are family oriented, Christian, down to earth, caring people, who are in this for the right reason. They don’t have to run for Governor. Rick’s been on the front lines, and knows how difficult it is. He is doing this for the people of Montana. They are sick about the decline of this great Treasure State. He knows, if someone doesn’t take the bulls by the horns, and bring jobs back to this state, we will be one of the top five gray states in the country.

Rick was the only candidate, out of eight Republican Governor candidates, that visited all the Montana County Commissioners, because he cares enough to know, first hand, what the problems are across this state. I was at the meeting, when he met with our Ravalli County Commissioners. He sat there and listened intently. He and our Commissioners discussed our problems. He will take that information from all of our counties, and turn this state around.

I’d like to be there, along with Rick Hill, after he becomes our Governor, to welcome our spouses and relatives back from North Dakota, because there will be jobs right here!

If you think Bullock is going to do anything for this state, think again. The only choice we have to get this state back on track is Rick Hill. Let’s not blow it!
Lilya McAlister

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