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If it ain’t broke…

While I commend the efforts the new Mayor and Town Council are putting forth, it is troubling to witness the managerial style of the Mayor. Without consulting the current Airport Manager, the Mayor placed an agenda item to confirm the replacement for Don Misevic. In fairness, Mr. Misevic has said he was ready to retire for some time. In my opinion this is an insulting way to the door for a man who without salary has served well the airport and its needs for a long time. People like Don Misevic sharing their time and talents are what have allowed the Town of Stevensville to function.

As troubling are pressures applied to Town employees like Ed Sutherlin and George Thomas. Both of these guys provide value well beyond what they are paid. It is critical to have water and sewer systems that function without interruption. While you can hire newer lower paid employees, it is shortsighted at best and potentially more costly if a major problem were to occur.

So why the rush to show all this experience and know how to the door? Given what the Town is willing to pay, what caliber of new employee do you expect to hire?

I have always understood if it is not broke do not try to fix it. Creating hard feelings with Town employees when there are so many other pressing issues that need the attention of Town Council and Mayor just does not make sense to me.
Clayton D. Floyd Jr.

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