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Experience is the best credential


Regarding Gayla Skaw’s letter in the Missoulian on September 11. I am a

wildlife rehabilitator, with over 45 years experience rehabilitating

wildlife in Western Montana. My credentials are a BA with a major in

science and six years of college credits, I can actually read a ruler

and was taught how to necropsy animals by a veterinary pathologist.

Also, I grew up on a ranch, was a 4-H livestock judge and was in 4-H

until 21. I know what constitutes proper development and conformation in

beef, sheep, hogs, horses and other domestic livestock and poultry.

I have written statements from many veterinarians, biologists,

zoologists and others, including the Bitterroot Valley Study Group made

up of veterinarians, biologists, medical doctors and concerned citizens,

that confirm the developmental malformations. And our two research

teams have published two peer-reviewed studies that can be

accessed on Google, “Genital abnormalities in white-tailed deer

(Odocoileus virginianus) in west-central Montana: Pesticide exposure as

a possible cause.” Journal of Environmental Biology 23(2): 189-197

(2002) and “Observations of brachygnathia superior in wild ruminants in

Western Montana, USA.” Wildlife Biology in Practice, 2011 December

7(2): 15-29   doi:10.2461/wbp.2011.7.13

Skaw says her and her colleagues’ credentials consist of successfully

harvesting wildlife for 35 years. She doesn’t say if they actually

examined the animals for underbite, overbite, malformed lower incisors,

male reproductive malformations, malformed hearts, disrupted thyroid

development or any of the other malformations consistent with fetal

thyroid hormone disruption, which began in spring of 1995. We have

data, measurements, photo documentation and specimens and would be

happy to show them or in the case of photos and documents, email them

to anyone who is interested.

Our only agenda is protecting newborn animals, wild, domestic and human from serious prenatal changes that affect their ability to survive. Please vote for candidates who also have this agenda!

Judy Hoy


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